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Take The Hassle Out of The Holiday Party With The Help of Our Cash and Carry

Golden Supple Wholesale Store Provide Quality Holiday Party Supplies

Planning your holiday party this year can be made easier with the help of our cash and carry store. There are many things which are needed for a good holiday party. Whether it is an appetizer or snacks, or you are looking for some good quality meats or seafood for your party, there are a huge variety of such delicious and innovative holiday party foods in our cash and carry store which would surely please your guests.

The services they offer:

  • They are here to offer the best and restaurant quality food for your home.
  • Cash and Carry Services are proud to offer a huge variety of specialty seafood items and serve high-quality food supplies.
  • From meatballs and cocktail franks to spanakopita and quiches, you are sure to find something or the other for everyone this holiday party season.
  • They provide a variety of made to order platters such as deli meats, cheeses, seafood, antipasto, veggies and fresh fruits which can freshen up your party.

You don’t even need to stress over the desert, they also cover those. From cheesecakes to pies, cream puffs to cookies you can be sure to get everything.


Before planning your party, you can check for offers on our official Facebook page.

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