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Eco Supply

Eco Supply in Toronto

If being environmentally friendly is important to you then Golden Supplies is the place to shop, our shelves are stocked with an abundant supply of green and eco-friendly products for your home and/or business. We have great prices on items such eco-friendly tissue and toilet paper, brown paper bags, natural cleaning products, recycling bins, air fresheners, disposable plates and so much more. It’s important to us that it’s as easy as possible for you to maintain the environmental standards essential for you and your home or business. Golden Supplies online store provide Eco Supply products at very cheap prices.

Besides boasting eco-friendly attributes, our stock also features user-friendly attributes. Made with high-quality material and processed by reputed brand manufacturers, each product on our shelves has an ergonomic design and user-friendly built. The products we stock are suitable for a varied range of customers including domestic, commercial and industrial clients. In case of a corporate house, by buying our eco-friendly range of product, you contribute towards the conserving the environment and thus also render an important Corporate Social Responsibility.

We ourselves are a believer in the use of eco-friendly products and hold a strong viewpoint about providing the world and the future generations the full scope of growth and development by promoting the use of sustainable eco-friendly products. Our ideology is to simply provide the best quality eco-friendly material which preserves the environment to the fullest. Expert in handling and managing green products, we make sure that our eco-friendly products never run out of stock. Promoting the use of such products across the country, we also provide natural cleaning products for green and safe cleaning. Our environment-friendly products aisles are always open for you to come and buy your favorite eco-friendly stock.

Guide to best eco-friendly supplies:

We stock a range of bio-degradable, renewable, and recyclable supply items. Here is how you can pick the best match for your needs:

Renewable items: These are the items that are made from renewable items like sugarcane fiber, recycled paper, and other disposable items that have a renewable attribute.

Natural material: These are the best choices as these items are made of natural material. This category includes catering ware made of plant fiber, or other supplies made of plant-based ingredients.

Recyclable/ Biodegradable/ Compostable materials:

This includes items that are easy to recycle by man or by nature itself. This is the most popular category of eco-friendly products.

At Golden Supplies, we stock all these items all these varieties of eco-friendly items to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for your inventory.

For more information about our Cash and Carry Eco Supplies, contact us at 416-748-2116.
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