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Restaurant Equipment Services in Toronto

Golden Supplies #1 Restaurant Equipment Supplier Near You

Some of the best supplier’s offer restaurant supply services to a major part of Toronto. They offer a customized planned maintenance program, renovating services and emergency repair to fit all your restaurant equipment needs.

The company provides the best restaurant supply in Toronto services offering both new and renovated items. We have a team of friendly and helpful staff who are enthusiastic to help you find all the restaurant equipment you need.


The services we provide are mentioned below:


  • They also have a Cash and Carry services for small wares in which we are constantly updating our stocks with the latest supplies in Toronto.
  • They supply a wide selection of food services for your widely varied tastes.
  • The service providers are the choice of many restaurant businesses in Toronto for the equipment supply.
  • They serve to some major restaurants and offer a wide selection of equipment to suit everyone irrespective of their business size.
  • You can also count on them for other necessities such as cleaning supplies, prep tool supplies, pots and pans supplies.
  • They have expanded our services to a national chain as well. Along with our food equipment services our professionals also provide other quality services including installation, fabrication, and knife sharpening services.
  • The stores have become a preferred supplier of services all over Toronto. We look forward to meet you and find you food service solutions.

With the demand from the consumers, we are now available on Facebook. Do connect with us.

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