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The wholesale market is the only destination for all you need. We the team of professionals who can well handle all your requirement at any point of time of the day. Our store offers you each and every product related to your daily use such as electronics to food items, or clothes to the grocery. Every item you want you can have in your dispose of. We offer you the best wholesale products you want.

Our amazing product ranges

We have a huge list of products of various brands. Some of them include,
  • Here we have an equally best collection of both dry and canned foods. Be it fruit and vegetables, beans or soups we have it all. And also, the products that we offer are completely fresh and standardized.
  • We have the freshest baked items you can find. We bake bread, muffins, pastries, and all sweet and sour products daily.
  • In Toronto, we give you the best cleaning products to keep your home and office clean and hygiene. Our cleaning products ranging from brush and wipes, garbage bags, dispensers, scrubbers etc.
  • If you’re taking out food from the restaurant, then look no further, because we give you the most appropriate containers and foils for your food.

Our service is the best you can find

Our store is always packed with the items you want. At a wholesale store in Toronto, we give the best products at affordable price. Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals is here always providing you with the best service at your step. You can find anything 24*7 at our store. So, hurry to get your product from the Golden Supplies wholesale stores, now.

We give you the best food products

We just don’t offer dairy products, but we also offer various food products. Products ranging from canned food to dry food, we offer all in a variety of ranges at different prices.

You can reach us or check our website for more information. Or you can like our Facebook fan page or follow us on Twitter.

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