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Must Haves to Welcome The Season of Sun and Beaches

Summers are officially here which means it is time for rich summer picnics. More and more people are stepping out of the house with their picnic baskets and embracing the sun. There are some smart customers that shop ahead for the upcoming season, but then there are some free-spirited people who enjoy last minute shopping. To ensure that your departmental store shelves are stocked with all summer essentials, it is important to buy wholesale supplies in Toronto. This post has every summer must have that will allow you to cater to the needs of people in awe of summer season picnics:


To stay hydrated as well as energized for the dazzling sun, it is important to consume more and more liquids. From colas to sodas to energy drinks and more, there is a wide range of drinks that people cherish in summer. Golden Supplies has a rich stock of all types of beverages that your customers would love to buy for a perfect picnic day.


I scream, you scream, we all scream- Ice cream!! We all have a sweet tooth and ice cream is a must-have for the summer. Not only it is tasty but it also offers hydration and solace to your body under the blazing sun. A lot of varieties of wholesale ice creams Toronto are available and people enjoy them as per their tastes. It is recommended to have an assortment of items in your shops for your customers to pick the best.

Chips and other snacks:

No picnic is complete without having some snacks on the table. You have a lot of choices for cookies, chips, and snacks at Golden Supplies. You can even sell these chips once the summer season is over so there are no worries about the season.

Disposable items:

Talking about picnics, having disposable plates, cutlery and other products are essential. You can enjoy a great meal on them and then discard them at the nearest dumping spot. At Golden Supplies, we have Eco-friendly disposable products that are perfect for a beach holiday.

Get ready for the beach with Golden Supplies:

At Golden Supplies, we are the leading wholesale supply shop in Toronto. We have stocks of all summer essentials that make you ready for the beach seasons. We deal with businesses and help them in procuring the best supplies at the best wholesale supplies rate. Visit us and explore our brand rich wholesale supplies range in Toronto to prepare your convenience stores for the summer season.

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