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A Cash and Carry wholesale store is different from regular retail stores who supplies and targets professional customers instead of end customers. The customers for cash and carry wholesale are registered; it involves self-service and bulk buying without any interventions of any middleman (wholesaler). The risk of buying and making their own arrangements is the registered customer’s job. The registered customers settle their bills on the spot and take away their goods immediately. Cash and Carry wholesaler is selling goods in large quantities or in bulk at a very low price and to be sold on at a profit.

Cash and Carry wholesale is a type of operation within the wholesale segment. Wholesale means selling in large quantities or in bulk in which the wholesaler may sell the goods to the retailer as well as directly to the customers. Only branded goods from India’s top consumer preferred goods are supplied and they dominate the emerging wholesale cash and carry business.

The cash and carry wholesale businesses carry a limited line of products which are distributed through the wholesalers. It is an establishment offering products to the people who are willing to purchase by cash and provide themselves with their own transport.

Golden Supplies Ltd. Wholesale is Canada’s largest cash and carry store, offering party supplies, cleaning supplies, safety equipments, foodservice packaging, eco-friendly products with the best stock at the affordable rates.

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